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An Immunity Boost

December 5, 2016

 Rise and shine my loves!

I have not been feeling too hot. It feels like I have had a cold brewing for over a week now.

To boost my immune system I continue to take my multivitamin, Vitamin C and Echinacea,

eat lots of vitamin C packed foods,



I’ve been loving these cuties! Easy to peel and eat on the go.


sip on juices from Suja and Evolution Fresh,


eat lots of probiotic rich foods (since a healthy immune system starts with your GUT),


drink bone broth


(with some turmeric and black pepper for an added health kick)img_0533

and making a smoothie for breakfast every morning.

I just ordered this Vega protein powder that is DELICIOUS!


I add 1/2 a scoop of the protein powder, 1 scoop of collagen, coconut or almond milk and add in some frozen fruit.

How do I get this marvelous, gorgeous pink color smoothie you ask???


I add a frozen pity packet, commonly known as dragonfruit.

Pitaya is packed with nutrients, vitamins (it contains 50% of your daily vitamin C intake!!!), minerals, antioxidants, fiber and is low in carbs. It helps detoxify the body, control glucose levels, helps neutralize cell damaging free radicals, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, etc. etc. etc.

I tend to add pitaya into my smoothies especially when I need help with boosting my immune system and speeding up my recovery rate.

My shipment from Pitaya Plus just came in. They had 15% off over the Thanksgiving weekend, so I reloaded on these babies.


What a beauty 🙂


What are YOU doing this season to stay healthy?

Feel good!

Cheers (with some freshly squeeze OJ perhaps)!




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