6 months young – Basil Update

March 3, 2017

Hi friends!

Here is puppy Basil’s pup-date on life through her eyes.

She helps out on the household chores, often just licking the spoons to make sure they are super clean 😉


Lately, she’s been LOVING these Himalayan dog chews and antlers.



Since she is now 6 months young, she was ready for her fixing appointment.

She rocked that blue cone and did not seem to mind it at all. Even though the doctor said to have her wear it 24/7 for 2 weeks, we take it off when we are monitoring her so she doesn’t lick her stitches and when she goes to bed we put it back on.




Who wore it better? 🙂

I’m going with Basil, of course.




Basil is loving her strolls out of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. She loves meeting new people and getting lots of kisses.





Her and her BFF Finnely from across the street are learning how to share.




Basil is 99% house trained at this time. She does have her teenager moments and will start barking when she hears a bird chirp and loves attention,

but is starting to get better at entertaining herself.

At a 8.8 lbs., this little lady  loves to run, jump and play all day long.

Stay tuned for more pupdates of the Life of Basil.

Puppy kisses,

xx J and Basil

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  • Reply Rachel Gouz March 3, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    LOVE THIS POST SISTA. Basil does have the life… Lucky little lady she is. And you are lucky to have her. Soul mates you 3 are 🙂 rlg

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