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Weekend Wrap-Up

March 27, 2016

Instead of Spritzer Sunday I’m in need of a detox Sunday. We ate at my dads’ golf country club for Easter brunch. While we don’t celebrate Easter, we were more than happy to partake in the meal aspect of this holiday 🙂 Started off with a mimosa (when in Rome) and half of an everything bagel scooped, toasted and filled with the works: dill cream cheese, capers, red onion, tomato and lox. It was insanely good. If you’re like me when eating at a buffet I tend to have huge eyes, meaning that I want to eat it all!!! So I take a small serving of what I want to try and take a few bites and move on. I don’t load up my plate at once; instead, I  go for food in rounds to gauge how full I am feeling. Also, I tried to save room for dessert which is made by the premises’ pastry chef. The chocolate bread pudding was worth every bite. 


Loving this cobalt blue ‘Gigi’ top by Naked Zebra






Yesterday I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 which was adorable. If you loved the first one, you will for sure love the second one. If you’ve seen the first one, you already know that the father uses Windex as a cure-all for everything and anything. My version of a cure-all is using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): you get a pimple, drink ACV; you have vertigo, drink ACV; feeling bloated, drink ACV. LOL 

We obviously had to get some popcorn with Reese’s pieces (I’m on vacation mode). 

can’t stop won’t stop

Love these 2 characters!

For dinner I went on a date with Adam and my sister (Rachel) at Hudson in Delray Beach. We shared the plantain nachos for an appetizer and the braised short ribs for dinner. And a good ole beer to wash it down 😉


love the fresh avocado in this dish


lime in beer 😍

Detox time will be in full effect starting tomorrow. Lots of juices, protein, fresh fruit and veggies. And pulling out the crockpot at some point this week to slow roast some pork.


packaging fresh berries for the week

Relaxing the rest of the day and enjoying every last moment of spring break before going back to work tomorrow. 

Follow these 7 steps for an even happier Sunday 🙂


Cheers! xxJ 🌷

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