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A Day In Drinks

December 13, 2016

Hey there!

I recently got a massage and my masseuse asked me how much water do I drink?

When I began to account for all the liquids I consume, she said that coffee and tea do not count.

It got me thinking…

…am I drinking enough water?


1. Fight fatigue

2. Reduce High Blood Pressure

3. Decrease Allergic reactions and Asthma symptoms

4. Reduce Acne, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and Premature Aging of the Skin

5. Reduce high cholesterol

6. Facilitate healthy digestion

7. Flush out toxins

8. Repair connective tissue in the body

9. Lose and maintain a healthy weight

10. Slow the Aging Process


Here is what I typically consume, drink-wise, in a day:

I start with a hot cup of coffee with my homemade coconut creamer (find the recipe here; I’ve taken stevia out of my diet for a few months now and use maple syrup instead) and a splash of a store bought coconut or almond creamer too. I  use both because I just like the taste.

Then, I move on to my morning smoothie. My smoothie always have a protein powder ( I alternate between Vega, Sunwarrior and Plantfusion), frozen fruit and almond or coconut milk with a scoop of collagen peptides.


I’ve been loving this new to me protein powder from Vega.

I always go with a plant-based protein powder since I have a sensitivity to whey.



Someone recently asked me why I add collagen peptides to my smoothie or coffee.

Heres’ why I use collagen peptides on the daily:

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It  helps with digestion, deeper sleep, strengthening your hair, nails, skin, blood. The list goes on!! As we get older we produce less of it and some people produce less than others.

Since adding it to my diet I have seen major changes to my digestion and my hair and nails are growing like never before.

I would totally recommend trying it. The serving recommended on the nutrition label is 2 scoops a day, I only use 1..

During the day I sip on 32-40oz water bottle


loving my new BPA Free water bottle I scored from Marshall’s for $7.99!

Most days  I will sip on a green juice like Suja or Evolution Fresh (or a homemade one using my Breville juicer) to add in extra vitamins and minerals into my diet. I often get sick (as I work with children), so I will pretty much drink anything that will add an added boost of vitamins to my diet to boost my immune system.


When I get home I pop open a kombucha!

Followed by another glass of agua.

I always feel an energy boost after I drink this, so it helps me catch a second wind to power through afternoon workouts.


At dinner I will make a virgin spritzer using la croix seltzer, a splash of juice and sometimes a scoop of Xymogen’s Relax Max (depending on the kinda day I am having).


And sometimes I will have a cup of homemade bone broth or tea.


What are your favorite things to drink? Do you drink enough H2O?



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