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A girl who loves Christmukkah

December 8, 2016

Seasons greetings, friends!

So what is Christukkah? Christmas and Hanukkah

Let me clarify:

I was born and raised as Jewish girl. My judaism is very important to me and continues to be my faith.

However, I love all of the Christmas-y things during the holiday season! I love to look at a beautifully decorated tree, sip hot cocoa and listen to Michael Buble’s holiday station on Pandora and sing to all the Christmas songs.

I decided to have my own holiday traditions in my home. I have a white faux tree that we decorate with ornaments, not because it symbolizes anything religious for me, I simply just like it.

So, here you have it –  my Hanukkah bush:


Adorned with ornaments:

Pizza is definitely symbolic to me though 😉


Because, duh.


Always represent the kiddies I get to work with!


Pippi Longstocking was my favorite movie growing up. We found this one in our travels to Germany.


Me and my boo thang



and all the way from Hong Kong…

….Dash and Holly have arrived!


And yes, I’m that nerd who sets them up for my husband since we don’t have any children yet to surprise them with these cuties.


How do you decorate your X-Mas tree or Hanukkah bush?



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