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March 23, 2016

What’s up this Wednesday???

Some recent eats:   

The classic never dies


Pink smoothie made with Yerba Mate protein powder, frozen pitaya pack, frozen raspberries and almond milk


Adam now knows that food = happy gal

And a recent item:


It has such a beautiful glow!

The negative salt ions released by heating the salt can provide the following benefits:

  • Improve sleep
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Increase levels of serotonin in the brain
  • Calm allergy and asthma symptoms  

 I had a major dress malfunction today. Little did I know that it’d be super windy outside and my dress decided to swing up any chance it got. Great. Another reason I hope I’m reincarnated as a dog or man in my next life – no wardrobe malfunctions. 

Spring feels

Yesterday I went shopping for some outfits I need for upcoming wedding events. I found some great pieces!!!

What a bridal dressing room looks like 🙂


Teen Angel in Delray Beach, FL isn’t just for teens! 😉

This week has been packed with lots of appointments- dentist, endocrinologist, gynecologist and dermatologist. As boring and uneventful as it is, I’m happy to get these yearly check-ups out of the way. 

I reviewed my face and body products I use with my dermatologist. I have sensitive skin with mild roscasea. I use a prescribed Finacae gel in the morning and Adapalene gel in the evening to keep the roscasea at bay. She recommended Elta MD for face and body SPF moisterizer for daytime. 



 I rotate a few different cleansers to wash my face: Cerave, Burt’s Bees Orange cleanser and Neutragena.  I use a Cerave moisturizing lotion and night and spray Rose & Glycerine.


You can find this at most drugstores



This feels so refreshing!

Off to whip up a quick dinner of leftovers of rotisserie chicken on a salad.

What products do you use for your skin regimen?

What are you making for dinner tonight?
Cheers! xxJ💗

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