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October 1, 2016


That is what I put my poor mother, sister and I through trying to find my wedding dress.

Before I went on the hunt for my wedding dress, I searched Pinterest for my ideal wedding look. I wish I hadn’t. When I looked online I thought I knew exactly what I wanted AND what I didn’t want. Prior to trying dresses on, I had it in my head that I wanted to be different and not wear a strapless, lacey gown. I loved the look of a curve-hugging dress, with intricate straps with a very low back. So, off I went from store to store in search of this particular dress.  I had been watching’ Say Yes to the Dress’ and thought it was absolutely silly when the brides-to-be cried when they found ‘the one’. I didn’t think I could possibly get that emotional or have the feeling over a dress…Although, I did yearn for that magical moment all the girls had on the show. Ya know, the moment when the bride-to-be starts crying tears of pure joy when she finds ‘the one’ and unicorns start flying in the room. Just kidding 🙂 By the tenth dress shop, I was about to give up. I could get married in a Lululemon outfit, right?

On my dress journey I continued my search. Some dresses that I tried on were very beautiful…




but they did not fit the mold…



Until one day, at Zola Keller in Ft. Lauderdale, the woman helping me said ‘here, just try this on. I know you will love it’. It was exactly what I didn’t want to try on – strapless & lacey.

But, I decided to give it a whirl.


And just like that. I fell in love!



And life would have it that tears of joy fled from my eyes.


Tears of relief that the search was over.


Tears of joy mostly because this was the first moment that it truly hit me that I was going to be getting married. I understood at that moment how symbolic and beautiful it is to choose the dress you will wear on your wedding day.






I experienced that magical, unicorn-y moment. I finally felt like a bride. This was the one. My search was over. Hallelujah!!!




But next, I was in search of the perfect shoe.


The most important thing to me when it comes to shoes is comfort first, then appearance. Initially, I was looking for a wedge, but I didn’t find any that went with the dress. Then, I found these pumps from Nordstrom! They were super comfortable with a small heal to add a little height. Before the cocktail hour I switched into these white wedges. They are not the prettiest, but no one noticed them. I was able to dance the night away and feel pain free.


I wore these earrings by Nadri


these shoes for the ceremony


and switched into these shoes for the cocktail hour/party. I don’t know about you, but comfort is KEY for me. There’s nothing worse than dancing the night away and your feet killing.




For my something borrowed, I wore my mom’s tennis bracelet.


I wore clip in hair extensions from Donnabella (they go on sale often! Keep your eye out). I went to the salon where I get my hair dyed to match up the color first before ordering online.


And the final touch, I fastened my late nana’s pin to my floral bouquet, which sadly went missing after the bouquet toss.



I got a spray tan the Thursday before our wedding. When I came home from the tanning salon I took a sip of water that splashed all over my chest trickling down to my legs. I looked like a spotted cow. I called the salon in a calm hysteric (if there is such a thing) and she told me to rinse it off and come back in the get re-sprayed. Thank you Toast Tanning Salon!!!



My nail tech talked me into getting tips. I usually wear my nails as short as possible, but he told me to just trust him on this one. Wedding nails on fleek.



and on my toes I wore:


Did you have any trouble finding your wedding dress? What’s your wedding dress style?





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