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Friday Favorites 4

April 29, 2016

What a week. It wasn’t out of the ordinary, but for some reason it kicked my ass. Just purely exhausted. I think this happens around this time each year when the school year is about to wrap up. I am so ready for a break!!! Speaking of a break, Adam and I have been discussing where we want to visit for a honeymoon. Any suggestions??

Anyways, let’s get to it! Friday favorites! Some of my favorite products I have found and swear by, or things that are just beautiful or fun. 


Seasonal favorites to get you through ’til holidays like Halloween or Chrismakkuh

Stocked up on pumpkin quest bars

Publix had a $2/bar deal- SCORE

And ordered elves on the shelf months in advance

They made their debut all the way from Hong Kong

My beloved wine spritzers 

adding fruit makes it more fun to drink! trust me 😉

Hearts in strange places 

I love this tinted Chapstick from Burt’s Bees! I use it for work to moisterizer and have a hint of color.

LOVE this Lavanila lavender perfume stick. I use it almost everyday. It smells amazing and it puts you in a zen mood! 

Flowers for dayyyyyys

thanks mom for the flower drop off!

Sonoma Valley flowers

Girls season finale 

I’m so sad it’s over! Well done Lena Dunham, well done!

This weekend we have some fun stuff planned. Sisters birthday dinner tonight, final dress fitting and  Sunfest concert/ friends bday tomorrow and house hunting on Sunday. 

What are your weekend plans?

Cheers! xxJ 🎸

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