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Friday Favorites 7

August 5, 2016


Hey hey hey!

Happy Friday y’all! What do you have planned for this weekend?
Things of lately:

I went back to work mid week. A start of a new school year is upon us. Lots of meetings and paperwork, but looking forward to a fresh start 🙂
Walking with my friend Ashley and finding fruit trees along the way.
Starfruit and mangos – yes please!!! Love me some foraging.
Insanely gorgeous smoothies, almost too pretty to eat, almost 😉
I want to paint my walls with this color.
This squat challenge for August, courtesy of my friend Paula who is doing this at Orange Theory.
I cleaned up Adam’s closet. I couldn’t stand looking at the unfolded t-shirts. I have serious closet OCD.





Made 2 big batches of superfoods cereals: Puffed brown rice with brown rice syrup, cinnamon, cocoa, cacao and chia seeds & puffed millet with maple syrup, flax seeds, goji berries and pumpkin pie spice. I love topping my smoothies with these cereals for an added crunch and flavor.
Changing my name!!! Now that I’m a married woman, I took my hubbies name. It is really bittersweet. Changing my identity felt pretty momentous and was the final step in becoming a newly wed.
P.S. Going to social security and the DMV SUCKED big time!!! A little girl projectile vomitted near my foot while waiting in line for an hour. Yuck. How come they haven’t come up with a more efficient process in this tech savvy world we live in? Like changing your name via mail, email, phone, anything?! Versus waiting around for 3 hours. I must say this process really tested my patience. I am not good at waiting to begin with. But, it all worked out in the end. I am now Mrs. Jenna Kaplan in the world! Yay!
Here are some of my Friday faves!:
  • Netflix: Glee to power through my workouts. And Stranger Things is AMAZING!!! Adam and I binge watched the entire season and are dying for more. SOOOOO GOOD!


Winona Ryder is making a come back. Loved her during her Edward Scissorhands and Heathers days.


  • These two Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Adam usually enjoys these babies, but I had to sneak a taste. I mean, with a name like Boom Chocolatta, how can you not?!



  • Cherries!!! I wish cherries remained in season all year long. They are so yum and fun to eat. Gimme bite sized anything and I’m a happy camper 🙂



  • Mung Bean Edamame pasta


I wasn’t a huge fan of this when I tried it a few months ago, but when I put meatballs and sauce on top it, I loved it! The nutritional stats are pretty awesome, too! You can’t beat 24 grams of protein per serving for a pasta!
  • Halloween things are starting to swamp the stores – YAAASSS!!!! I can’t frikkin wait!





  • These gladiator shoes I’ve been rocking all summer. Stylish, but more importantly, so so so comfortable.



Off to relax, eat some take-out, watch the opening Olympics show and hang with the sick hubby.


Other thoughts of the week…ZIKA!!! There have been a few cases of Zika virus in Miami. Trying not to freak out over here. I spoke to my gyno and she recommended bug spray with DEET. This whole spraying yourself with toxic chemicals thing is not my cup of tea. So, I spoke with my acupuncturist and she recommended essential oils. She is ordering me something soon so I will keep you posted. One of the essential oil sprays she recommended is called Iguana oil. Ever hear of it???
Wishing you a very happy, cool and safe weekend 🙂
Cheers! xxJ

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