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Friday Favorites 8

November 11, 2016

Hey y’all!

Happy Friday!

Today I am heading to my friend Simone’s baby’s’ bris.

She asked if I would be part of the ceremony, as there is a symbolic portion of the ceremony where a woman who wishes to become fertile and pregnant walks around holding the baby.

I was honored and hope the fertility gods send us their magical powers!

Things I am LOVIN’ this Friday:



Holiday Egg Nog – DAIRY FREE! Woop woop!


This stuff tastes like the holidays in a cup. I poured mine over Annie’s homegrown cereal and Vital Proteins collagen powder.

Roasted veggies

I’ve been digging these organic sweet potatoes, delicata squash, brussel sprouts and string beans lately.

I spray all the veggies with Chosen Foods avocado oil spray, himalayan pink salt and cinnamon on the potatoes and squash & turmeric + black pepper on the greens.



Chickpea fast food restaurant for a big bowl of deliciousness


with all of the sauces, of course 😉


This diffuser with “breathe” essential oil blend in the bedroom while we sleep.


Body Works class at the gym.


It feels good to be back at it again.

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