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Hall pass

April 24, 2016

I figured it out.

I’m getting married to my hearts desire in 20 days. A colleague of mine asked me ‘have you figure it out, ya know, who your celebrity hall pass would be once you get married’. The idea to cheat on thy spouse honestly hadn’t crossed my mind. I love Adam. The thought of being with anyone else is inane in my mind. But, her question got me thinking. If I had a celebrity hall pass, who would I choose? 

The answer became simple after watching this video on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. None other than Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Talented, humorous and lovely. But then again, so is my beau ๐Ÿ˜‰


Yesterday Adam and I made two stops for lunch. The local Parisian bakery for him and a salad/sandwich shop for me.

If you’re a Delray local or just visiting, Loic Autret French Artisan Bakery is a great sandwich shop to pick up a pre made sandwich for the beach or a freshly baked baguette for Sunday dinner. The desserts are fantastic and decadent as well! 

Turkey, provolone avocado on a bagutte for Adam

gimme, gimme, GIMME!

I ordered a piece of the Mediterranean chicken and summer quinoa salad from Marianne’s. I can’t wait to recreate both of these dishes. Layers of texture and flavor! And packed full of protein, vitamins and nutrients.

After lunch we stopped by The Boy’s Market. Anyone who has been here understands the shit show that this place is. You have to mentally put on your imaginary helmet prior to going into this market. Why? This grocery store is jam packed with people and assorted items at every turn you take. It has the best produce in town in my opinion. You can get all different types of produce that you can’t get at your typical grocery store like Publix. I love shopping here when I am in the mood to experiment with recipes and try new food items. Also, you can’t beat the price! We stocked up on tons of produce to juice for the week (and assorted Italian cookies of course) for under $50! 

come to mama!

Off to do some laundry and prep some meals for the week.

What are you up to on this fine Sunday funday? 
Who would your celebrity hall pass be with? 
Cheers! xxJโœจ

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