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Hello Spring! Pitaya and essential oils

March 20, 2016

It’s officially my spring break!!! 
If you work in the school system, you understand how exciting spring break is. I might as well call this spring break ‘doctor break’ since I’ve scheduled all my appointments for my yearly checkups this week. I’m so happy to get things done and have a week away to refresh and reset.

Pitaya plus is a new staple in our freezer. It adds a beautiful, bright color to smoothies and tons of health benefits that include rich in magnesium, iron, vitamin C & B, tons of fiber and active enzymes essential for body function. 


Pitaya aka dragonfruit

Saturday started off with some strong coffee to put an extra pep in my step. Shortly after I raced to the gym to secure a spin bike for class. Saturday morning spin class is no joke – there is a line out the door to sign up. The early bird gets the worm. 

Spinning selfie

Later in the day I caught up with some of the lovely ladies in my life. First, to my girlfriends new home where we ate shakshuka and caught up on life. I can’t wait to make shakshuka for Adam- it’s an easy, flavorful Israeli dish made with eggs. Next, I had a mommy sister dinner date at City Oyster in Delray Beach. A dirty blue cheese stuffed martini alongside the Hong Kong style sea bass. YUM!


what a treat!


mom and sis!

Sunday morning felt like Christmas morning (or what I assume it may feel like). A package from Amazon was waiting for me at the door!!! 


Amazon addict!



 I can’t wait to start mixing up these essential oils to make chemical free room spray and perfumes and add it to baths. Essential oil recipes to come in the next few weeks!  

What are you up to this weekend?? Have you ever used essential oils? 

Cheers! xxJ 🙏🏼

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  • Reply Jess July 19, 2016 at 12:17 am

    Because it is pink..it makes it that much more fun to drink! The calming spray with essential oils is the best!

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