Honeymoon Part 1: Welcome to Portugal

June 11, 2016

Honeymooning (or baemooning as we like to call it) diaries coming at ya! 
Our bags are packed and we are ready to go! 
First stop: Lisbon, Portugal 

Look out for my summer eurotrip wardrobe capsule post!

baemoon ready!

we got adorable Mr and Mrs luggage tags from my mother and sister in law

Bye USA!

scarves serve multiple purposes; face mask!

In Lisbon, Portugal we spent 2 full days.

we made it!

***Side note: if you’re flexible with your destinations and travel dates, use Google.com/flights to find the best prices. Travel tip: when flying overseas, book a round trip ticket as it will save you lots of money! 

We arrived in Lisbon at 9 a.m. and decided to drop our things off at the hotel to head out for the day.

We stumbled upon a cafe called Fabrica da Nata where we ordered American coffee and pasteis de nata. These sweet egg custard tarts were exquisite. I’ll be on the hunt to find them back in the U.S.. 

melts in your mouth

Loved the fruit vendors found on every street corner. Easy, healthy snack on the go!

give me some fruit and I’m a happy camper

We decided to sight see by foot, rather than take a taxi or metro. We figured if we walk about 8-10 miles a day it would cancel out a few of the custard tarts we voraciously consumed. 
We headed to Castelo de S. Jorge. As we entered we saw a concession stand named ‘Wine with a View’. You don’t have to ask us twice.

Both of my travel gurus Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern suggested a seafood dinner at the Ramiro restaurant. Boy, they were not kidding with this place. The seafood was out of this world. To start, Adam and I shared two beers on tap, shrimp in garlic and oil, ‘percebes’ or goose barnacles and pao (bread and butter) to soak up all the goodness. I had seen Andrew Zimmern eat the percebes in an episode of Bizarre Foods before, so despite the appearance of these little seafood creatures, we needed to try them. They tasted like the sea. 


checking these off my food bucket list

I needed the waiter to show me how to eat these babies!

For our main course we shared a spiny rock lobster which was delicious and decadent. Luckily, Adam knows my love for seafood and was patient for the next 45 minutes while I went to town on this lobster.

Adam was happy with his chocolate cake

The next evening we tried a dish popular in Portugal called Bacalhau, which is dried and salted cod.

watch out for the bones

cheers or in porteguese ‘saude’

Besides the epic food, the nightlife scene in Lisbon was definitely our favorite. 

hangin with the hubby


We hit up another Bourdain recommendation, A Tasco di Chico. A tiny, dark little joint that houses a few wooden seats and live Fado singers. We ordered a pitcher of the house sangria and the flaming sausage. 

they light the sausage on fire and let it cook in front of you


After we went to a cool bar to listen to live jazz music while sipping on Ginga, a liquor made from the cherries grown all over Portugal. 


Next, we flew from Portugal to our next destination: home of fine wine, delicious pasta and pizza and a variety of terrains…Italy!!! 
Cheers! xxJ ✈️

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