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Honeymoon Part 2: When in Rome

June 11, 2016

Rome, Italy (1 day)

We decided to make our honeymoon our own version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’… our version being ‘Eat, Love, Eat’.

cannoli heaven

We had traveled to Rome on a previous Eurotrip two summers ago where we stumbled upon a restaurant called Babbo’s. It was an easy decision that we wanted to go back for one of the best pizza experiences of our lives. It was exactly as we remembered it. Pizza thin like a cracker topped with shaved prosciutto, black olives, sliced egg, artichoke hearts and thinly sliced mushrooms. Naturally, we washed it down with a local bottle of white wine. 

thinly sliced prosciutto with fresh mozzarella

pizza capricciosa: prosciutto, egg, black olives, mushrooms and artichokes

cloud 9

A few snaps in front of the Colosseum. 

so hot out

We didn’t go inside since we have already been. 

And the Trevi Fountain to make a wish! Adam and I made one together. Hope it comes true!!!

More pizza. Duh. 

Gelato. When in Rome! 

lemon and stracciatella for her

coffe and mint for him

And the delicious drink of Italy, other than wine, the Aperol Spritz. It starts off sweet and ends a tad bitter. It’s one of those drinks that leaves you thirsty for more. We gave in.

they serve you a cocktail sometimes with potato chips or bruschetta

Aperol Spritz recipe

Serves one

2 oz Processco 

1 1/4 oz Aperol

Splash of soda water

Optional, but recommended: Garnish with an orange slice 

Off to take train station to get to our next destination: Tuscany

Cheers! xxJ🍕

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