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In sickness and in health

April 21, 2016

Not happy about this. 

No, not happy about this at all.

Sickness is upon us.

Adam is coughing up his lungs with cold symptoms. And my sinuses, head and body ache.

Here’s my recipe back to wellness:

Nature’s Way Umcka products


 It uses a natural herb called Umckaloabo that works against colds, flu and sinus issues. It has antibiotic properties that kill antiviral and antibacterial infections.

Colloidal Silver


It can be used to prevent illness by boosting the immune system and to kill bacteria once they are active  in the body. It helps to fight colds, flu and bacterial infections.


Zinc Lozenges 

Zinc prevents or shortens the duration of the common cold. 

LOTS of fluids: water, hot tea (love Yogi teas), Bai infused antioxidant waters and coconut water.  

P.s. LOVE this Cuisinart duo coffee/tea maker. Making tea couldn’t be easier:just press the button, the water heats and voila, it’s tea time!

Jewish penicillin: chicken noodle soup (w/ matzoballs)  

Seventh Generation brand have tissues that don’t hurt the planet!

Easy foods to make like eggs and toast that are easy to digest.  With a side of vitamins- lots of Vitamin C, echaneance and a multi vitamin.


What do you take/do to kick a cold and feel better?

Cheers (with some hot tea) xxJ 😷

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