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Puppy Update

November 13, 2016

I couldn’t imagine life without our sweet Basil.

She has brought so much joy to our lives.

I could only imagine what a real human baby will be like.


Updates on the pup:

She is getting over a cold and 2 different kinds of parasites – (Yuck, I know).

We have been hiding her medicine in her meals, so we don’t have to force feed it down her throat anymore. That was ruff, pun intended 😉

We just ordered new food for her from Chewy.com


We are going to try out the Nutro Ultra for small puppy breeds

with a tablespoon of this wet food from Purina pro.


She love/hates her new dress.


But, definitely LOVES her new toys from Petsmart. $1.47 on sale after Halloween, score! This one and that one.


She has a lot of energy and loves visits from her dogmother and dog aunt.

She has been sleeping through the night and loves to fall asleep cuddled up with us. ***We are crate training her, so she sleeps in her cage overnight.


To be continued…



You can follow her on instragram too!

Just search for: my.sweet.basil

All support is much appreciated 🙂


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