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Sonoma Day 2: Wine a little…it’ll make you feel better

February 15, 2016

Day 2 in Sonoma. 


We ate a quick breakfast at the Breakaway Cafe. They had yummy scrambled eggs with country potatoes and they had gluten free toast available which is always a plus for me.

We spent most of the morning resting. Adam mustered up the energy to go for an outing in the local area. He said he was restless and wanted to get out for a little. The Jewish mother in me asked him every 2.5 minutes how he was feeling, if we he was hungry/thirsty, force fed him with saltines and vitamin water, checked his temperature, asked if he wanted to leave, etc.. He was a trooper this short trip. 

Once we were on our way I figured I’d take one for the team and create a picnic of assorted cheeses, a fresh baguette, vine ripened tomatoes and salami. We stopped at a shop called Vella Cheese Co. where they let you try any cheese you want before you buy it. The Rosemary cheddar was divine. They even had a mini cutting board and knife set for $2 to bring on the go.


say cheeeeeeeseeee


one of each, please


We stopped by the Ravenswood winery. It couldn’t have been more perfect. They allow you to sit comfortably covered in a blanket overlooking the beautiful vineyard and they bring your tastings out to you. Adam enjoyed a hot tea and some fresh air; I went head first into my one women picnic and what seemed like an endless showcase of the wineries finest assortment of fermented grapes. My favorite wine was the 2013 Bedrock Zinfandel. I also loved the 2014 Moscato Leggero and the 2013 Estate Zinfandel. 








The woman that helped us was so interesting and showed us photographs and a book that she wrote. The people in Sonoma are truly one of a kind. They live a simple life. They love their wine, great farm to table food and love talking to people. 

May the pup has the best life

On second and last stop for the day we went to Sebastiani which was another cool spot. I loved the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc and the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon. The sauv Blanc was easy to drink and great for summer grilling. The woman let me taste their Petit Sirah which was a deep purple, thick, sweet and delicious! The only downside was the pours were kinda stingy. A lot of these wines are sold in many grocery and liquor stores which is convenient.


I asked the woman that helped us how much wine she typically drinks in a day. Her response was ‘2 bottles’ and didn’t blink. She said she doesn’t even get buzzed anymore; it’s just purely for the taste and enjoyment. 
Adam and I had part 2 of the picnic and finished off the meat and cheese. 


Later that evening we had dinner at El Dorado Kitchen. This is the sister restaurant to the Girl and the Fig ( we never made it to the Fig the evening before as we stayed in so Adam could rest). The service was top notch. For each table it felt as if there were at least 3 people assisting you. Adam ordered the chicken which he enjoyed. It came with butternut squash ravioli, pumpkin sauce and a cranberry drizzle on top. I ordered the paella. I wasn’t impressed :/ The rice was flavorless, the seafood was alright. 




looks better than it tasted :/


Sonoma snapshot of wineries to visit: 

Jacuzzi– great wine selection and olive oil & vinegar tasting rooms

Cline Cellars– find out when they give their free tours around the property. Check out their private wine tasting room. My favorite was the 2014 Estate Viognier. 

Viansa – great wines and food market to buy a charcuterie plate with a fantastic view from the top of the hill

Ravenswood– take your wine tasting outside as you are brought each varietal to try. Can bring your own food during the week only. 

Sebastiani– nice wines; outside picnic tables to bring a bottle of wine and food 
Sonoma Eats:

Breakaway Cafe– great for breakfast 

Vella Cheese Co. – cheese tasting available and can order any amount of cheese you please; sells a variety of meats too

Oso – good for happy hour 
El Dorado Kitchen – great dinner spot; the scallops looked delicious 
Cheers! xxJ🍷🍷🍷

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