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Summer trip to Colorado: I love you to the mountains and back!

July 25, 2016

Adam, my sis Ray and I planned a trip up to Colorado to visit our parents.


Trips to mountainous regions has been a family tradition over the past decade. I look forward to it every year. Quality time with the fam, get away from the South Florida heat and rejuvenate amongst the beautiful scenery.




It took a 3.5 hour flight from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Denver, CO + A 2.5 hour Uber ride to the town they are staying in, Edwards, CO. We were going to take the Colorado Express which is a van that fits 12-15 people to wherever your destination is in Colorado, but we cancelled last minute and decided to take an Uber as it cut costs and  travel time.


When we arrived we headed to the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo to have a bite and watch some cowboys. They had an area to see all of the farm animals.


Troy the chicken

Troy the chick


Turkeys - the toms ( the one with big feathers) and the hens. The hens are superb protective of the toms

Turkeys – the toms ( the one with big feathers) and the hens. The hens are superb protective of the toms






The rodeo was supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and requested that the attendees wear pink to support the cause. We were happy to partake in the festivities.


I am LOVING this North Face thermoball hot pink vest.





We pigged out on some fair food. Pulled pork sandwich, candied nuts & a chicken quesadilla.




And a sensational sunset to end the evening.




The next day we ate some breakfast and prepped for a day of hiking.


We made some sandwiches and apples to bring with us once we reached the waterfall. I subbed romaine lettuce leaves for bread since I already ate toast and eggs for breakfast.



Off we went to the Piney Lake hike that took about 4 hours total.










My mom had insect repellent wipes that came in handy!!! And lots of sunscreen and a hat to cover up from the hot sun. About half of the hike was uncovered.


Later that day my parents treated us to a fantastic show at the Bravo Vail Ford Amphitheater.


We listened to the New York Philharmonic play to Charlie Chaplin’s film “City Lights”.




Since the show was outdoors I came prepared with warm clothes since this Florida girl is not made for 60 degree weather.


Adam snapped a pic of how ridiculous I looked. No F’s given.




What are your favorite things to do in the mountains?


Tomorrow we are taking a bike ride down a mountain! Hopefully I’ll be back to tell the story 😉


Cheers! xxJ

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