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Sunday Vibes

March 5, 2017

Hey there!

Happy Sunday Funday!

What are you doing today?

I recently snagged this bee pollen from my local farmers market. I’ve been sprinkling it on my morning smoothies for some added flavor, texture and health benefits. Bee pollen is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.



My family rented a boat to cruise for a few hours through Delray to Boca Raton.



Lunch eats included these new to me chips that I am now addicted to.

That lime flavor gets me every time!



And a beach club un-wich from Jimmy Johns loaded with turkey, fresh avocado, cucumber and tomato. YUM-O! I get my sandwich un-wich style, meaning wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, since I knew I would be going to town on those tortilla chips.


Off to Trader Joe’s to load up on this weeks eats.

I’m thinking to get another bag of organic, Tuscan kale to turn into kale chips.

To make the kale chips:

All I did was sprinkle the kale with nutritional yeast (to get that nutty, cheesy flavor), salt and pepper and sprayed with Chosen Foods cooking spray. Bake ’em on 400 degrees for 7-9 minutes – watch them closely because these will burn up fast! I recommend eating them hot out of the over and not saving them, as they unfortunately got super soggy when I put them in air tight container.

I also want to make this super simple side dish to snack on throughout the week:

Broccoli slaw salad


In a big container throw the entire bag of broccoli slaw, 3 tbsp. mayo (I used vegenaise), 2-3 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp red wine vinegar (can omit), 2 tbsp. honey, 1/4 c raisins, 1/4 tsp onion powder, salt and pepper to taste. Let it marinate for about an hour and then dive in head first 😉

Have a beautiful day!

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