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Happy as a clam 

February 28, 2016

This weekend had a turn of events. Adam and I planned to surprise our family up in Connecticut for their baby gender reveal party. As we were awaiting to board the plane, they announced that the flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Unfortunately, no other flights would get us to the party. 


We drove back home and decided to go for a walk as it was only 7:30 a.m. and had a ton of energy from the Dunkin Donuts coffee I chugged. 


Greetings from Delray Beach!


Love this lululemon jacket- the sleeves fold over and turn into mittens for chilly days


We walked for an hour until our bellies started to growl. We walked to our favorite breakfast spot, Caffe Martier. Our engagement party was held in their SpeakEasy room which was an amazing, unforgettable evening! Adam ordered the breakfast burrito and I got the Shroom Omelet and shared a fresh juice. 

apple, beet, kale and pineapple


mushrooms, brie cheese and tomatoes

I somehow talked Adam into going to the Palm Beach Outlets with me. Despite his incessant banter about going shopping, he did pretty well and scooped up some tops at the Under Armour store and Nordstrom Rack. We bumped into our fabulous friends Jess and Bryan. Bryan and Adam hung out while Jess and I looked through the racks. I found some cool shoes at Steve Madden, but wasn’t successful for what I was looking to find. I’ve been trying to find outfits for my bachelorette and bridal shower coming up in April. I figured I’d get a head start since everytime I have specific need I can’t find anything; and when I am not looking for anything  in particular, I find everything!! Does that happen to you?!

After, we stopped by Whole Foods for a snack/light lunch. We sampled the entire store and then proceeded to the hot bar. 


mango crunch salad, plantains, chicken, wheatberry salad and who knows what else


scored an assortment of olives

On the way home we stopped by a car dealership so I could test drive a car. My lease is up soon so I need to figure out what to get! With food already in our bellies we obviously were thinking about dinner haha. We stopped by our local fish monger, Fish Depot, and picked up some clams to make for dinner. 

Garlic clams recipe 

Serves 2

-3 dozen top neck clams

-3-4 cloves garlic, chopped 

-1/2 C white wine

3 tbsp olive oil

-3 tbsp soy free butter 

-1/4 fresh lemon 


1. Sauté garlic in olive oil and butter in a large pot. Pour white wine into pot.

2. Pour clams into pot on medium heat. Cover for 5 minutes.

3. Take top off. As clams open, use tongs to pull them out into a bowl.

4. Squeeze fresh lemon into clams. Devour and use fresh French bread to dunk into broth. 


Holy yum!


Optional, but recommended: wine spritzer

Sunday to do’s: workout, laundry, juice, clean, taxes and more…

Ready to conquer the day! What are you up to this Sunday Funday?
Cheers! xxJ

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