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Sushi time!

April 20, 2016

Please don’t get sick. Please don’t get sick. Please don’t get sick. 

This is what I’ve been telling myself and praying to whoever is listening over the past few days. 


Nothing like a good cup and tea and some rest on the couch when you’re feeling sickness coming on. Loving the Stress Relief Honey Lavender flavor by Yogi Tea. 

Some recents eats:

SUSHI!!! Some friends and I went to Japango in Boca Raton and enjoyed some yummy eats and convo.


A taste of my friends krab ‘pasta’. Strands of cucumber and krab (crab with a ‘k’ since it’s imitation). Yum! Great app 🙂


baby nemos! so salty and briny

Miso soup, a cucumber salmon roll & piece of ikura sushi for me. 

 And a Sapporo Light to wash it all down 😉


Oh, and loads of pickled ginger.   

Ginger benefits include: promotes healthy digestive system as it treats nausea and upset stomach, can be instrumental in preventing certain cancers, lowers cholesterol and allievaites arthritis pain.
Lately I’ve been busy finalizing some wedding arrangements and items needed for the big day. Can’t believe it is less than a month away!


Picked up some ‘sticky boobs’ I was recommend to get from Nordstrom. These things look nuts. I pray they work lol.


And seating arrangements are done! Yay!


I can’t wait to see our vision come to life! More wedding deets to come!


How is your Wednesday going? 
Cheers! xxJ🌺

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