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The 5 S’s of Wine Tasting

February 12, 2016

What a day. 
The day began with me googling open walk-in clinics and urgent cares to bring Adam to. On the day I traveled to California he started to feel body and head aches in addition to incessant coughing.
We stumbled into the only open urgent care in the area at 8am the following day: The nurse tells Adam ‘did you know that you have a 101 fever?’ He smirked and said ‘no’. After some testing the results of his flu test came back positive. We both were not happy. We spent the next hour and a half trucking to the nearest Walgreens and CVS to pick up medicine for him. Fate had it that the pharmacist would accidentally drop the cough medicine that would then explode and splash all over me. 


my poor bae


my new look ๐Ÿ˜‰


After pumping Adam with his meds, he rested up and then we decided to hit the road up to Sonoma. Typically, Adam is the navigator of our trips. I figure out the cool spots and delicious dining experiences we want to visit and he gets us there. Since he was finally restful on Tamiflu and codine, I manned up and drove us to our destination (as I wore a mask the entire drive in hopes to not catch the plague of the flu). I was pretty proud of myself driving in an unfamiliar location, let alone the fact that I am just learning how to get around in my home town. All was good…until…this ginormous bridge over a huge waterway came about. Adam did not understand the complexity to my neurosis about driving over bodies of water. I spent the 8 minutes driving over the bridge that felt like 8 hours huffing and puffing and sweating like a pig. Luckily, we made it over. Adam tried to snapchat my way over the abyss. I told him I’d cut his hands off if he tried. 

We picked up breakfast. An egg sandwich for him and a Pitaya smoothie for me from Vitality Bowl.  

After an hour or so in the car, we made it to our first winery. At this point Adam was feeling good (or so he said) and we pranced into the Jacuzzi winery. Here, we were assisted by a man named Ron. 

🍷 He gave us an education about the 5 S’s of wine tasting

1. Swirl the wine to bring in some air to oxidize it a little 

2. Smell the aromas and introduce your senses to the wine 

3. Sip the wine 

4. Savor the wine. Let it sit in your mouth for about 5 seconds so you can taste the flavors and complexity of the wine. 

5. Swallow. Notice the taste as it goes down your throat- you will experience different flavors versus when it was in your mouth. 


maybe i should start using this at work instead of the standard vision screening chart


On our way out my eye caught this funny wine holder necklace. It was pink. And $4. And I had to have it. It’s the little things that make me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ 
We were told by he Jacuzzi wine-o’s to visit their sister property, the Clein winery. A lovely lady gave us a tour around the property and told us about the owners. A couple names Nancy and Frank own the Clein winery. They have 7 children, a second home in Italy and ride/race horses in their spare time. Sounds amazing!!! Our tour guide brought us to the club member tasting area and let us try some of the wines. One tasted like eucalyptus as its grapes grew in the same area as a eucalyptus plant. My favorite was the Petite Sirah. I love Petite Sirah varieties – it is a red, smooth wine. It has a bold flavor with mild sweetness. It is simply delicious. Try it!!! 

Clein Winery


On our (I mean ‘my’) last tasting of the day we went to Viansa winery. The wine was alright. But, we got the cutest little pig dip bowl and pig charcuterie display. 


oink oink heheheh

I love collecting little items during our travels. It is a fun conversation piece and brings back memories of our special times together across the world.
 I had been to all of these wineries about 3 years ago. It all came back to me once I was there. I love Sonoma. It has great wine, great people and just great vibes. I had gone to Napa during my last visit. In comparison, Napa seemed very snooty, over priced and hoity-toity. Sonoma is laid-back and you sense a different aura. The people genuinely want to talk with you and tell you about their wines and how their wineries were established.

We were recommended to stop by a restaurant called ‘Oso’ for happy hour. We tasted the hummus plate which was fair. It was served with crunchy, grilled bread points and drizzled with olive oil which was a tasty touch. 

They offered single servings of the deviled eggs, which had a sprinkle of crab to taste on top. We both got a mole braised pork shoulder taco. I ate some of the meat and Adam finished it off. I filled up on water to hydrate and Adam ordered a hot camomile tea. The best part of our experience was talking to the the bartender, Isauro. The people here are so friendly and quick to offer up their recommendations and just chat. 

My sweet man was a trooper today. Every few minutes I would ask ‘are you okay?? We can leave..just say the word’. He said he was fine once the meds kicked in and he enjoyed watching me enjoy my time (as best I could knowing that he wasn’t feeling great). He said he was happy watching me enjoy myself. That to me is true love; when you are simply happy just because someone else is happy. We embrace each other, through the good and bad. We have our struggles at times – we want to be heard and understood by the other. But ultimately, we only want to see each other enjoying life and make each other happy. 

Stay tuned for more ๐Ÿ™‚
Cheers!xxJ 🍷

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