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The first of many Spritzer Sunday’s!

December 27, 2015

If there’s anything I know…it’s how to make a sick spritzer. 🍷

My spritzer obsession began in my attempt to water down some wine. I have always been a quick drinker-not to catch a buzz (although that’s always nice 😉)- but because I drink lots of fluids…so ‘watering’ down helps me enjoy some fermented grapes without paying for it later.

I make spritzers with both red and white wine and pick a seltzer flavor that pairs well. Bonus: add some fruit!

Today’s spritzer for Spritzer Sunday: 

Passionfruit blackberry Cabernet spritzer

3-4 oz pour of cabernet, 1 can passionfruit La Croix seltzer, ice and blackberries

For din din my mom (Deb)  and I scooped up some pizza pies from Sazio after the movies. We saw Sisters which was hysterical!

red pizza with mushrooms and white pizza

Adam and I wish  you all a lovely evening!

Cheers! xx J 🍷

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