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The Food and Cake

October 2, 2016

Our venue at the National PGA Resort & Spa catered the food for the cocktail hour and reception.

For the cocktail hour we had a choice of 4 pass around horderves and 2 displays.

For the pass arounds we went with crowd pleasers: coconut crusted shrimp, mini loaded cheeseburgers, hot dogs in a blanket and mac ‘n cheese tarts. I could’ve easily popped 10 of those tarts in my mouth. For the displays we selected the spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips and a cheese and meat board with assorted breads. Sadly, Adam and I did not get to see the displays since we decided to take most of the cocktail hour to take a deep breath and read our vows to each other in private.

For dinner during the reception guests started with the PGA salad. It was a mix of greens, feta cheese & craisins wrapped in a cucumber bowl.


For the entree’ we went with a duet plate instead of asking our guests which protein they preferred. The plate had a serving of citrus chicken and slow roasted short rib, paired with mashed potatoes, fingerling potato with a side of veggies.

Our venue connected us with Jennifer at Johnson’s Custom Cakes in Wellington, Florida to design our wedding cake. Since Adam and I go crazy for rainbow cookies, we chose flavors that would resemble our favorite dessert. Layers of raspberry and apricot preserves inside a vanilla cake base covered in buttercream fondant. I showed Jennifer a picture a picture of an ombré cake I found and she was able to recreate it effortlessly! Layers of pink ombré on the interior of the cake with gold accents on the exterior. Perfection.



We can’t wait to eat the top of the cake, but must we wait a whole year?! 😉

I haven’t gotten out of the childhood habit to smash cake in my loved ones faces during a happy event. Unfortunately for Adam, our wedding was no different 😉



He got me back.


I loved it.


Whats the best meal at a wedding you’ve ever eaten? What’s the worst? Are you a cake-face smasher?



Photo Credit: Palm Beach Photography

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