The Paper Goods: Hotel Room Bags & Favors

September 29, 2016

Hotel room bags:

My Mother-in-Law and I worked together to make these adorable, fun-filled bags for the wedding guests staying overnight at the hotel. She is super crafty and creative & found these great bags with accessories that matched our gold theme from Etsy.

Etsy = a bride’s BFF when wedding planning!


The Etsy package we went with had the cutest water bottle stickers.



Adam and I did a Costco run to fill the bags with yummy goods. During our joint Bachelor/Bacherlorette  & bridal shower weekend, we had an assembly line going with my MIL and family to fill these bad boys!


In each bag:

  • weekend itinerary
  • Door hanger
  • Goldfish
  • Book Chicka Pop popcorn
  • 2 water bottles
  • Granola bars
  • M&Ms
  • a packet of Advil (hangovers can be a you know what 😉
  • Mini altoids

The DIY weekend itinerary was super easy to make!


I just googled a word search generator and plugged in our wedding words for the day 🙂


The Favors:

A photo-booth was positioned in the corner of the  reception room which was a HUGE hit. Our guests were able to print as many copies as they wanted and we were given a copy for our keeps as well. It was a fun way to make memories and send our guests home with a picture from the night.


For a few weeks I searched for a way to create something that would serve as an escort card and a favor while keeping in mind our budget. I stumbled upon a DIY escort/favor idea that seemed unique and not wasteful, since most of the time at weddings the favors are left behind. So here’s what we did…

Lotto card favor/escort cards

What you’ll need:

  • Glassine envelopes

On Amazon we purchased glassine envelopes. The Number 3 size glassine envelope matched and fit the lotto card size perfectly.

  • Pennies

Get a roll of pennies from the bank, or use loose pennies if you have enough.

  • Stickers
    • Circular templates from Office Max to print Guests name and table numbers
    • Decorate stickers to secure the envelope closed

Choose whatever stickers that fit your theme! I chose pink, red and purple hearts since I couldn’t find gold hearts in time


After you’ve completed your table seating arrangement, using the template that comes with the circular stickers type the name and table number using whatever font you fancy.


Add seating arrangement on the front of the envelope.


Next, insert one lotto card and one penny into the envelope.

*Tip: hold back from scratching off all of the lotto tickets with hopes to win the jackpot! heh


Use a sticker to close the envelope. We used purple, red and pink hearts (I couldn’t find gold hearts in time to fit our theme).


*Tip: best completed with two people, good music and a glass of wine

What was your wedding favor?



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