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Traveling Abroad: What’s in my carry-on?

February 15, 2017

Hi friends!

Here is a quick guide to what items I bring in my carry-on bag for the plane while traveling.

I hope this is helpful if you are traveling stateside or internationally!

  • Antibacterial hand wipes: I love using these to disinfect my seat on the airplane, hotel room items, anything really…


  • Hand sanitizer: make sure to get non scented. The scented ones can get nauseating after a while, but that’s just my opinion.


  • Mints and gum


  • Snacks: mini carrots, pre sliced apples, peanut or almond butter pouches, hummus cups, Larabars (I LOVE the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor), salted almonds


  • Eye mask: if you find it difficult to sleep with the lights on this mask can be super handy
  • Scarf: the airplane can get freezing so these is a major staple in my carry on bag, not to mention it can double as a face mask if there are sick people coughing and sneezing near you
  • Earbuds: I’m loving my new nose earbuds. They fit comfortably in your ears and have a cute little pouch to store them in


  • iPhone: load it up with some good music. I love listening to Enya or Ludavico to zen out
  • iPad: download a few movies or shows. Download an entire season of a show you want to get into, like Bloodline! I promise it will make the time pass


  • Camera: lightweight, fits in your pocket and connects to wifi so you can connect it to your phone so you can shares pictures of your trip as you go to your family, friends and social media of course! But honestly, the iPhone and other smart phones takes amazing pictures so you can leave your camera at home if you choose
  • Headphone splitter: we use one by Samsung. It’s great to watch movies together on a long plane ride if you’re traveling with a buddy
  • Book: some recommendations: ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ – Lena Dunham, ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven” – Mitch Albom, ‘Life Laughs’ – Jenny McCarthy




  • L-Theanine: take a dose of these supplements to relax



What are your carry-on staples that you bring while traveling?

Safe travels!


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