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Wednesday Wisdom

September 28, 2016

Happy hump day!

Still sick over here 🙁 My chest feels super heavy and its been hard to sleep.

I headed to the doctor to get checked out yesterday.


It turns out I have an Upper Respiratory Infection. Bummer. But, in good spirits which I’m happy to report.

Speaking of being in good spirits, this smoothie put a serious smile on my face.

1 scoop vanilla sun warrior protein powder, 1 scoop vital proteins collagen peptides, vanilla almond milk and 1 pitaya pack that gives it this gorgeous, pink hue.



I topped this baby with some goji berries and unsweetened coconut flakes.


I also downed this new to me bottled juice. I’ve been trying out all different brands to see which one I like best. These bottled juices are great alternative to juicing. As much as I love juicing my own fruits and veg, the clean up can be a real you know what.

This one was not too shabby. I’d buy it again.


On the way home from the doctor I went to Panera Bread (again) to pick up some lunch. I love their pick 2 option, so I went with the Thai Chicken Salad and the Autumn Squash soup.

Do yourself a favor, and go get this ASAP.

It’s creamy and has a hint of sweetness…and has NO cream. Score 🙂


The hubby flew back home and surprised me with a treat.

I used to be OBSESSED with froyo, but I cut it out of my weekly diet since I end up eating a ton of sugar in one sitting. All in moderation, right? 😉


About to experiment with a crockpot chicken recipe.

But first, a selfie with this adorable tank from Target.


I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like 🙂

What are your favorite froyo toppings? Are you a froyo or ice cream person?

Lastly, leaving you with some Wednesday Wisdom:

Stressing and complain will change nothing. Take action. Make a change. And never look back.




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