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Boxed wine, essential oils & Panera Bread

September 24, 2016

Happy weekend ya’ll!

Friday night was mundane.

I ordered in chinese food and drank some boxed wine, because I’m fancy like that 😉

I ordered steamed shrimp and veggies with no sauce. I used coconut aminos for a sweet, salty flavor and some chili sauce too.



Starting off the weekend with some chocolate chip waffles. I ended up slathering them with almond butter and raspberry preserves with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.


I met up with my friend Amy to go to an essential oil class about Doterra oils. They smelled AMAZING.


After we headed to Panera to grab a bite and catch up.

I went with the Green Goddess Cobb Salad and Turkey Chili.


and an apple on the side.


Adam flew back home and we stayed in and ordered sushi and rented The Conjuring 2. I’m not feeling too hot so we are taking it easy.

Cucumber roll with salmon, crab and cream cheese and 2 pieces of ikura sushi. HOLY YUM.


I hit up Kohl’s and the Dollar Tree for some festive decor.


I’m a sucker for fall themed anything, you too?

Have a fabulously, amazing day!



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