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What I do to…: My personal guide to wellness for stress & hypothyroidism

July 24, 2016

What I do to:

To promote calmness and relaxation:

  • Relax Max by Xymogen: this product has a mix of supplements that provide a calming effect on the body and brain without making you feel drugged or groggy. 


  • Bach Rescue Remedy spray: I spray it under my tongue as needed. I found this at Whole Foods.





To help my thyroid gland function at it s best due to my hypothyroidism:



  • Diet: I used to eat fruit in the middle/end of my day. I remember eating a big, juicy honeycrisp apple with my lunch as a sweet treat thinking it was no biggie. It ended up being a huge problem! I was eating a very large apple filled with sugar and then maybe more fruit in the evening and wondered why I couldn’t lose weight. My fruit portions were too big. I changed it up and started eating low glycemic fruits like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries in a protein shake for breakfast. For breakfast I would eat a big bowl of oatmeal because that’s what all the ‘fitgirls’ on Instagram ate after they perfectly garnished it. Little did I know I was eating too big of a portion for the amount of calories that I actually needed. I later learned to cut down my portions and fill up on more nutrient dense, low carb foods.

Also, it wasn’t until I suffered from a serious vertigo attack that I sought out help from yet again another Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor that I saw changes in my weight. This doctor dug deeper than those before and did an allergy panel on me. It turned out that I was severely allergic to most of the foods that was eating daily like eggs, zucchini, apples, melons, mushrooms, vinegars, wine, etc..




The doctor requested that I do a food elimination diet to remove all of the foods I was highly allergic to. I created my own diet and was strict for a month. The elimination diet I created was basically the limited foods that I wasn’t allergic to and I could have each food every fourth day. For example, if I ate broccoli on Monday, I couldn’t have it again until Friday. It was tough; however, after this month of tedious food restrictions I felt different. I looked different. I started to shed the pounds more easily. I had been working out hard 6x a week prior to the elimination diet and didn’t lose an inch, nor a pound. It was beyond frustrating. It hindered my entire being, from socializing out with friends to buying clothes. I hated how I looked, but more importantly, how I felt. My outside appearance didn’t fit the person I am inside. I felt sluggish, tired, angry. Angry to be working so hard at the gym. Angry to ‘think’ I was eating healthfully when really I was over sugaring with high glycemic fruits & too many carbs like oats and wine.


Lessons learned to lose weight and/or feel less sluggish:
1. If you are struggling to lose weight and don’t know why, go for an allergy test – you never know what you could be consuming that is actually making you sick.
2. Eat fruit and carb-y foods in the morning.
3. Up your water intake. Hydration is key. Sometimes you think you’re hungry, but your actually just thirsty.
4. Cut out alcohol until you reach your goal. Once you reach your goal, add it back in sparingly. I love spritzers because I can ‘water down’ my wine and still enjoy a glass, or two 😉


To cleanse my liver and detox heavy metals from my body:

  • Methyl folate 


To better my immune system: 

  • Multi vitamin 


  • Vitamin C


  • Echaneance – only when I feel sickness coming on 


  • Zinc (pill & tablet that dissolves in your mouth) only when I feel sickness coming on


To holistically treat any ailment: 


Acupuncture changed my life. 

acupuncture cupping


acupuncture needles


Without it I have hot flashes as if I were menopausal (pleasssse, that can wait!!), I’m more prone to sickness, vertigo and stress. I swear, I would just go for the stress if that’s your main issue. The whole process is therapeutic…knowing that you’re going to do something good for your self, taking YOU time, relaxing (or as I call it my expensive nap). It treats so many things. I truly believe in acupunctures magical powers.
What do you do to manage thyroid issues or stress?


Wishing you wellness and good health 🙂


Cheers! xxJ

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